Crowdsourcing lunch seminars for the academic year 2016-2017 are supported by a gift from BOSCH

Past sponsors: 
Year 2017: Bosch (http://www.bosch.us)
Year 2016: Bosch (http://www.bosch.us)
Year 2015: Bosch (http://www.bosch.us)
Year 2014: Bosch (http://www.bosch.us)
Year 2012: Bosch (http://www.bosch.us)
Year 2011: CrowdFlower (http://crowdflower.com)
Year 2010 : Carnegie Speech (http://www.carnegiespeech.com/)

We are also supported by our departments at CMU:

1. Language Technologies Institute

2. Human Computer Interaction Institute

Please contact Prof. Maxine Eskenazi to discuss sponsoring the seminar.