Title: Ethical Use of Amazon Mechanical Turk (and Best Practices You Shouldn't Use mTurk Without)
Speaker: Kristy Milland (TurkerNation.com)
Date: Tuesday, October 13th
Time: 12-1pm
Room: GHC 6501

As a Turker, Requester and researcher, Kristy Milland offers insight into use of the AMT platform from all perspectives. If you are looking to use AMT more efficiently and effectively, she will present tips and tricks that can help you become a better Requester. She will also provide insight into who the Turkers are how they work, indispensable if you want to create attractive HITs that get done quickly and correctly, and also if you want to ensure your data isn't corrupted by cheating or bias.

Kristy is a community manager on the oldest forum for Amazon Mechanical Turk workers, TurkerNation.com. She helps researchers, journalists and businesses learn more about "mTurk" from the eyes of a worker, and is an invaluable source of insight for how to enable more productive partnerships between requesters and workers (e.g., better HIT design, tips and resources for finding the right workers, understanding what makes “Turkers” tick). Kristy is also a Psychology major at Ryerson University. Her interests are varied, but she is especially intrigued by studies investigating the psychology of mTurk (motivation, linguistics, bias, etc.), or ethnographic work with Turkers.