Title: Crowd-Powered Interactive Systems
Speaker: Walter S. Lasecki (Computer Science, University of Rochester)
Date: Tuesday, October 14
Time: 12-1pm
Room: NSH 3305

I create and deploy interactive systems that use a combination of human and machine intelligence to operate robustly in real-world settings. Unlike prior work in human computation, our “Crowd Agent” model allows crowds of people to support real-time interactive systems. For example, Scribe allows non-experts to caption speech in real-time for deaf and hard of hearing users, where prior approaches were either not accurate enough, or required professionals with years of training; Chorus allows multi-session conversations with a virtual personal assistant; and Apparition allows designers to rapidly prototype new interactive interfaces from sketches in real-time. In this talk, I will describe how computationally-mediated groups of people can solve problems that neither people nor computers can solve alone, and scaffold AI systems using the real-world data they collect.

Walter S. Lasecki is a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at the University of Rochester advised by Jeffrey Bigham (CMU). He creates interactive intelligent systems that are robust enough to be used in real-world settings by combining both human and machine intelligence to exceed the capabilities of either. Mr. Lasecki received a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Virginia Tech in 2010, and an M.S. from the University of Rochester in 2011. He was named a Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellow in 2013, has held visiting positions at Stanford and Google[x], and is currently a visiting Ph.D. Student at CMU.